Donors Needed

Photocopy MachineXYZ151R35,000.00We need a photocopy machine for our administration department.Donate
Computer LabXYZ152R200,000.00A computer lab is needed for the school . The lab will be used to train learners on cmputer use, there currently is no such facility at the school, which disadvantages the learners a lot.Donate
Ablution FacilitiesXYZ153R260,000.00Repair of or new ablution facilities are needed for learners at the school, the current facilities are causing great health hazards to our learners.Donate
Photocopy PaperXYZ154R150.00 per boxWe need paper for printing and photocopyingDonate
School TourXYZ155R500.00 per learnerWe'd like to take aour grade 10, 11,12 learners on a 2 day career tour, the tour will include a visit to universities and colleges. The learners will also get a chance to visit various work environments. Most of our learners (40) are from disadvantaged backgrounds and can't afford to pay for the trip. We request sponsorship for as many learners as possible,Donate